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de young café The de Young Caf é offers indoor and outdoor event space. Guests will celebrate under the vibrant purples, ambers, and greens of locally hand-blown light fixtures that create an unforgettable ambiance. With its glass walls, the café offers views to the outdoor terrace and the stunning Barbro Osher Sculpture Garden. Reception capacity: 250–275 Dinner: 160 • 2,400 square feet piazzoni murals room The Piazzoni Murals Room is a warm and welcoming event space perfect for a more intimate gathering. Home to Gottardo Piazzoni ’ s murals depicting rolling golden hills and blue-gray Pacific vistas, the Murals Room has a truly “California” feel. With warm hard-wood floors and soft ambient lighting, guests will find a space that is a soft contrast to the modernity of the de Young ’ s design. Reception capacity: 250–275 Dinner: 130 • 2,261 square feet The Koret Auditorium is a Greek-style theater with plush, modern leather seating and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. The Koret Auditorium is available for both daytime and evening rentals. Seating: 269 contact de Young Facility Rental Manager 415-750-3683 6 © McCalls Catering & Events koret auditorium

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